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Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive.

What should I do, once registration is complete, to activate my media players?

When registration is complete, you just log in system via a browser. From there you will be able to immediately activate up to five monitors and set up a PIN used for activation without login.

Where I can find the PIN code requested for media players activation?

he PIN code is displayed in Console, in Devices Pane. You can also find the PIN code in Settings Pane, in the General view.

Can I modify the PIN code? Can I customize it?

There’s a refresh button in the General view, where the current PIN code is displayed. You can easily modify the PIN code by clicking that button.
The PIN code is automatically generated by smarttotem and isn't possible to customize it.

How can I add or remove media players assigned to media sequence?

In Sequences view you can edit any media sequence by clicking on the proper button. In edit mode you can add or remove devices simply dragging them from left to right or viceversa.

I've uploaded some media and then I've successfully created a media sequence associated with a media player. In the screen, however, is still played the previous media sequence. Why?

When you add new media, smarttotem examines and optimizes them before making them available. These operazioni can take some time. Check the status of the media sequence and you can easily verify that it's'conversion'. Once the verification is completed the media sequence will be sent to the assigned media players.

Can I use several times the same media within a sequence?

No, currently you can use each media only once within a media sequence. It's possible use the same media several times but always in different media sequences.

I cannot access to my smarttotem after some login attempts failed. What should I do?

After five login attempts failed smarttotem prevents further attempts for safety reasons. You just have to wait 10 minutes then you can login again.

I've launched a media player and the media sequence reproduction is started properly. The media player don't show the media sequence if I disconnect it from the network. Is that normal?

The smarttotem's HTML5 media player doesn't support offline movie playback. Only media sequences composed exclusively by images can be played offline.

Will my multimedia files be safe in smarttotem? Where are stored?

Smarttotem is a cloud-base platform that hosts your data safe and sound on a facility monitored 24/7/365. All media sequences and all content are backed up regularly to ensure the best security level to all our users.

Are all media files uploaded on the system available forever?

No. Remember that all unused 90 days old media files are automatically deleted by the system.
For those who have no Boost Pack activated, this limit is 30 days instead.

How long a Boost Pack remains valid?

Boost Packs never expire! A Boost Pack activated remains the same forever. No additional payments required.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Sure. We want to leave free our customers, we will not tie up anyone. If you decide to cancel your account, you can do so at any time. Upon cancellation, however, all content and all activated Boost Pack will be removed from our systems; your media player, of course, will stop functioning.

Well… aren’t all digital signage systems equal?

The answer is no. Almost all platforms include a CMS (content management system and program scheduling) and some media players, but the technology behind each system is very different. Our system is designed to meet the needs of non-technical people, taking the focus on simplicity.

A media player must be always connected or can still works while offline?

The media players need to contact the cloud service to work fine, but if they lose connection would continue to work for 24 hours with no user interaction. This period is called grace-period. At the grace-period expiration, a connection between media player and cloud service it's required.

If I lost the connection with one of my media player then can I activate another one? Or have I to wait the media player reconnection?

When the cloud service cannot contact a media player, it comes into grace-period. The server marks the media player, when 12 hours with no connection are passed it allows the activation of another media player.

What if a media player loses connection to cloud?

When a media player loses internet connection cannot contact the cloud service. So it comes into a grace-period of 24 hours. It continues to operate normally during this period. If the connection has not been restored before grace-peiord expiration then the player is automatically deleted.

Do you support multi-screen installations?

This configuration allows you to broadcast digital signage content on a single screen, at the moment. Second screen could be used for other activities. A PC equipped with a multi-head video card is required.

Can I buy hardware from you?

The pre-configured media players will be available soon.